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While the use of a limousine could be for everyday transportation for the wealthy, the majority of consumers elist a limousine service for special events and celebrations. Here are some examples below of some of the types of services our members provide.

​VIP  Service

If you have a special dignitary and or guest speaker coming in town, the last thing they want to do is figure out a strange an unfamiliar city in a rental car. Town car/luxury car/sedan/suv service, is one of the more common ways to show appreciation for any visiting VIP. Limo services should be prompt and very attentive to any and all needs of their clients.

Events  Service

Special events such as weddings, birthdays, funerals, graduations etc. require a lot of planning and logistics to get everyone to/from the event safely. Limousine services should be trained and experienced in how to most efficiently transport all of the guests and attendees. They should not only consider the cost, timing, route planning, but also the overall look and feel of the event.

Wine Tours

In the past decade, the limousine winery tour has become one of the most popular methods of visiting NC's rapidly growing winery presence the the world of fine wines. The limousine service should be effective and assisting with planning the itinerary, booking the tastings, and coordinating any other outside needs (food/special needs/etc.).


The Triad is largely know for our ability to support and bring in very well know entertainment options whether at LJVK or GSO coliseum. Our members are well versed in the operations of these venues and how to best get their clients to/from their events hassle free and within the requirements of the venue's staff.

Airport Service

WIth the ever changing security protocols in the airport and TSA regulations, our members are trained on the proper and legal ways to handle travelers going to/from the airports serviced by the Triad limo companies (GSO, RDU, CLT, and several private and smaller aiports). Busy professionals simply can't risk the unreliability of taxi services and must employ the services of our members.


Safety and security are the main points of focus in our training here. Proms are great and fun reservations, but due to the age and tendencies to promote illegal activities, our memebers are trained in how to ensure that no drug usage or underage consumption of alcohol occurs on these evening. Our members are to be the eyes and ears of their parents.

Interested in hiring for one of your special events?


"I'm not very expereienced in renting limousines and needed one for my daughters prom. I almost put down a deposit with a company here in the area when I saw your site. After contacting you guys, I realized that this company had fake photos of their limousines and wasn't even insured. Thank you for if it wasn't for you guys, my daughter's prom would have been ruined." Tonya Y.

"As a wedding coordinator in the area, I mainly use one company, which I won't name because I want to make sure this is unbiased and more of a testimonty of the Triad Limo Association. When that company is completely booked, I use this site/organization to ensure that the company has at least been accredited by this organization before I put my brides in one of their vehicles. Thanks guys for all of your help." Susan M.

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